Start with nothing. End with something? It is up to you, depending on how you feel…

Made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 45. The theme was start with nothing.

Additional credits

Sounds from

Font ARCO by Rafael Olivo.


Arrows/WASD/QZSD to move and numkeys 123 to interact. Click to start.

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Just a cute lil house  :D

Aww 🌻 Thank you for playing!

how to flower

Hey! Sorry for such a late reply: dig a hole, cry water into it, anger lightning into it for a spark of life, put your lump of dirt from digging back into the hole with the algae you just made to make soil, then rain on it to germinate a seed and finally smile sun on it to make it grow 🌼

thank you

what are you suposed to do with the bricks?

You can make little flowerbeds with them but that's basically it πŸ˜… Didn't have time to implement that much stuff during the jam unfortunately. Thanks for playing!


Such a lovely game! The mechanics of the flower breeding surprised me once I discovered them. Very nice and relaxing! I made myself a little garden of all kinds of colors :)

Thank you so much!! πŸ˜Š Glad you found out about the flowers, I know a lot of people never got that far haha


i love the graphics and the connected textures but i cant find any use for the brick (i got flowers) 


Thank you so much for playing! Unfortunately never got further than that, so the bricks can't be used in any further combinations, but you can frame flowerbeds with them to make them pretty.  πŸŒΈ

i think i broke the game....

Oops… What happened? πŸ‘€

(1 edit) (+2)

Enjoyed the smooth, simple graphics and relaxing gameplay. I managed to make quite an array of flowers with different colors & petals, although I was a bit surprised at how some of the colors mixed. What frustrated me was that the info said use numkeys 123 and 4 to interact, but no matter what I tried there were only three numkeys available. … Still wondering what the fourth one does.



Yeah, the whole UI/UX turned into a mess. Would overhaul it completely were I to work on it any more.  πŸ˜°Each numkey corresponds to whatever emoji is showing at that position in the list of actions for the focussed tile, and I guess I never ended up making anything that had four actions. Also meant that the meaning of any specific numkey would change depending on the tile… Would have been better to just always show all the emoji but grey out the unavailable ones, so that the same number always corresponded to the same emotion. :c

Kudos for figuring out flowers! 🌺 Saw a lot of people give up before then, or stopping after planting the first flower and never discovering the breeding mechanic.


Yeah, a fourth option would open up an exponential amount of opportunities also, so a lot of work. Phew! It could have been cool, maybe make elements to make more elaborate buildings, to be able to stack bricks higher, maybe make flowers into textiles, trees to wooden stuff &cetera. 

But sounds like I’m flogging a dead horse here. Its a cool lil thing in and of itself. For now just deleting the mention of a fourth option in the accompanying text would do nicely.


i like this game i think its pretty cool


Thank you!